Suwon Jjeom-o | Suwon KaraokeㅣSuwon Shirt RoomㅣSuwon Harper _ korea

Suwon Jjeom-o | Suwon KaraokeㅣSuwon Shirt RoomㅣSuwon Harper _ korea

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Suwon Jjeom-o | Suwon KaraokeㅣSuwon Shirt RoomㅣSuwon Harper
Mechander is responsible for providing the highest quality and best service in Suwon.
Suwon Karaoke
Introducing Suwon NO.1 Mecander Suwon Karaoke

Karaoke cost-effectiveness
You can enjoy the 0.5% size Jjeom-O system at a cost-effective price.

You can enjoy fun drinking and dancing with Korea's largest partners.

Make your special day even more special.

VVIP service
The intro features top-of-the-line interior design, sound equipment, and a sound band.

We provide the best environment suitable for the authentic Jjeom-O system. In the intro, the female employees boast the size of the top 0.5% in Korea. These are the best partners who have both beauty and intelligence.

Suwon Shirt Room
We promise you the best drinking experience. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
We will do business honestly. Suwon Shirt Room will provide cost-effective quality and the best service.
Suwon Shirt Room Tips & FAQ
We've collected questions you might have about using the Shirt Room.

If you call us, we will explain in more detail, but you can enjoy it more comfortably by visiting the store as a reference.

What is a shirt room?

It is a new system for customers who are tired of the passive mindset of existing public establishments or karaoke bars.

With the addition of shirts and a greeting system, this is a place where even customers who have never been before can be fully satisfied from the start.

Can I go alone?
The ratio of customers who come alone is about 6:4, so there are a lot of people who come alone.

From check-in to check-out, I pay extra attention to those who come alone.

What will the water level be?

There is no limit to the water level in Suwon Shirt Room. There just isn't a second car.

If the customer and the lady match well, the level is unknown! We always recommend only those with a lively mind.

Is after-sales service possible?
Suwon Shirt Room, Suwon Jjeom-O, and Suwon Karaoke are all legal businesses and do not provide after-hours service.
However, through more info thorough mind training of the girls, we educate them well so that they do not have to think about the after-effects.

We also provide satisfaction to our guests with cost-effectiveness.

Suwon Jjeom-O, Suwon Karaoke, Suwon Shirt Room
High quality service

Suwon Jjeom-O, Suwon Karaoke, and Suwon Shirt Room operating in Suwon!
We invite you to the best service!
1. Excellent know-how in customer service care!
Suwon Karaoke provides the best service based on long-term operational know-how.
We always consider customer satisfaction our top priority and pride ourselves on providing excellent service and care. Mechander always does its best for its customers and promises to do its best to ensure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable time.

2. Mechander, No. 1 karaoke in Suwon area
There is a reason why it is considered the best karaoke in Suwon.
We have excellent managers on standby, through which
we provide high quality service.
You can enjoy high-quality karaoke at a reasonable price with a high level of service .
Suwon Jjeom-o with no regrets!
Suwon Jjeomo
achieves 100% customer satisfaction with excellent service and beautiful appearance for the price.
Mechander is always striving for the comfort and enjoyment of its customers.
Let's create fun moments together.
Suwon Shirt Room’s best service
Suwon Shirt Room Mechander
provides stable service with at least 20 to 30 employees coming to work on weekdays and weekends.
We are building a solid infrastructure to ensure customer satisfaction,
thereby ensuring the best service.
You can always experience stable and satisfactory service.
High quality service

Introducing Mechander, the representative company of Suwon Jjeom-o
Introduction to Mechander, a popular attraction in Suwon
Mechander, a representative company in Suwon, is Suwon Jjeom-O No. 1 and has been loved for many years.

1. Luxurious interior and reasonable price

Mechander has luxurious interiors and comfortable facilities while providing services to customers at reasonable prices.

In particular, customers who visit in groups receive a higher quality service at a lower price than in Korea.

​Satisfaction with both cost-effectiveness and convenience is very high.

2. Professional and beautiful managers

All managers provide top-level service that combines professionalism and beauty through thorough training and hygiene training.

After actually using the service, you cannot escape the appeal of the high quality, manager level, and price.

3. Makender Suwon Karaoke provides rich experience and satisfaction

Mechander, the representative of Suwon Karaoke, has various advantages and provides convenience to many visiting customers.

You can enjoy a special experience with trendy interiors, excellent service, and beautiful managers.


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